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The official Court of Inquiry acknowledged a series of design, building and operations problems, and unheeded warnings, yet named no one responsible. They concluded that school officials were just "average individuals, ignorant or indifferent to the need for precautionary measures, where they cannot, in their lack of knowledge, visualize a danger or a hazard." (New London Texas, Court of Inquiry, 1937.)
New London School Explosion
When Even Angels Wept>>  Trailer online.
A documentary film by Kristin Beauchamp includes interviews of those who lived to tell their story from that fateful day. Year after year may pass, but their ageless recollections still stand the test of time.
Gas explosion rocks Philadelphia U.S. news Life msnbccom A gas leak touched off an explosion Tuesday night that killed one person and injured five, three critically, local media reported.
Young worker killed in gas explosion  19 (UPI) -- A gas explosion in Philadelphia killed a 19-year-old who only began working for Philadelphia Gas Works a few months ago, officials said. 
It's been 10 years since a gas explosion destroyed parts of downtown Hutchinson leaving investigators baffled.