February 02, 2013

A True Safety Culture

Quoted from this article:  Combining Learning & Safety Management to Create a Safer, More Productive Workplace by Brett Williams, Product Management Director, UL PureSafety

Companies that create a true safety culture ensure that front-line employees are considered an extension of the safety team. They are given opportunities to learn about the safety principles that are important to their job function and invited to report unsafe conditions. Safety performance improves as front-line workers’ awareness increases and when incidents, observations and near misses, as well as and work-related injuries, are viewed and used as opportunities for learning.

... In these environments, employees are encouraged to report unsafe conditions so they can be corrected.

... Employees should be able to submit observations on unsafe conditions, people, processes, incidents and injuries in a non-punitive, systematic fashion.

...The real opportunity for employers, however, is to “memorialize” an incident or injury as part of the organization’s collective safety culture so it never happens again. 

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-- Example: Workplace Safety, VitalSmarts Video