April 10, 2013

Get smart! Make every day count.

"Many parents cannot take it for granted that schools are the safe havens their children deserve. I encourage parent groups to use the inspiring hero stories online at Lessons of the 1937 Texas School Explosion to break the silence about unhealthy conditions at school." --  Ellie Goldberg, M.Ed, www.healthy-kid.info

You are not alone. There are many school officials, school nurses, health educators, asthma educators and parents who share your values and health protection goals.

Join local and national groups to find allies and experienced advocates especially on annual days, weeks, and months designed to promote health and safety. These campaigns often provide free lesson plans, activity ideas and other educational tools and resources online. 

Take advantage of national awareness campaigns for asthma, lung health, injury and burn prevention, fire safety, lab safety, fitness, high performance schools, pollution prevention, public health, cancer prevention, environmental health, chemical clean outs, health education, wellness, and healthy schools. 

Learn more: Healthy Kids' Resources: Indoor Air Quality
Inspiring Nominees Aimee Code and John Gann