January 05, 2016

Measuring and Mapping Methane Leaks
Gas Leak Measured at Proposed Metering & Regulating Station Site in West Roxbury, Massachusetts (Jan 4, 2016). Boston University Professor Nathan Phillips and his colleague, Bob Ackley, reported yesterday that they found gas leaks at multiple points along the route of the West Roxbury Lateral (from existing gas lines) where the proposed pipeline would end up next to the active quarry where there is regular dynamiting and found a large gas leak. Community Vigils at the site (Centre and Grove streets across from the entrance to West Roxbury Crushed Stone) – every Monday 6:30pm. Resist the West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline. Information: www.resistthepipeline.org/#e.ngbh5d.cdnhre

Update from Audrey Schulman, http://www.heetma.org/

BU professor, Nathan Phillips, and Bob Ackley of Gas Safety USA are gearing up to drive across the US with a device that will continuously measure methane levels. The trip will end at Porter Ranch, the site of what is being called the worst environmental disaster since the BP oil spill.
This single leak accounts for 1/4 of the state's entire methane emissions. On top of that, it's expected repair date is all the way in March 2016. So far, 1600 families have evacuated the area and the FAA has implemented a no fly zone over the area. 
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HEET will be in close contact with Phillips and Ackley as they travel, research, and conduct interviews to get a closer look at what is happening, how it happened, and where might we go from here. The trip will take place between January 4-14, so look forward to updates from HEET!  We'll be posting the info on HEET's Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/HEETMA.

More: Mapping the Invisible: To Find Your Local Natural Gas Leak, Just Zoom In,  By Phil McKenna, Inside Climate News, Aug 25, 2015