October 31, 2013

Remembering October 31, 1963 

October 31, 1963 The Indiana State Fair Coliseum Explosion happened during the Holiday on Ice Halloween show. Gas from a rusty tank supplying propane to the popcorn warmer was leaking into the concession area, slowly filling the unventilated room.  Fifty-four people were killed on the scene and another 20 later died of their injuries. More than 400 people were injured. 

October 31, 1963  Marietta, GA Atherton's Drug Store Explosion. A gas main under the street ruptured and leaked gas into Atherton's basement. The staff of Kennestone Hospital were at a Halloween party before doctors and nurses dashed in, still wearing their costumes. Seven persons were killed and 25 injured, 8 seriously.

Many news articles, photos, films and personal accounts online.

The Atherton Drug Store Explosion Marietta Daily Journal  Fifty years ago, Thursday, Oct. 31, 1963, the City of Marietta suffered one of its greatest tragedies – a gas explosion that ripped through the front portion of the ... 

Marietta residents recount gas explosion 50 years ago Marietta Daily Journal Raines sits in front of Marietta Pizza Company Saturday and looking at a scrapbook his wife kept for him as he remembers the explosion that killed seven people ...  

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