November 22, 2015

Feed Your Heroic Imagination
The social sciences have not answered many of the questions about why some people act heroically in certain situations, while other people do not. However, we believe that an important factor that may encourage heroic action is the stimulation of "The Heroic Imagination" -- the capacity to imagine facing physically or socially risky situations, to struggle with the hypothetical problems these situations generate, and to consider one's actions and the consequences (Franco & Zimbardo, 2007). 
By considering these issues in advance, the individual becomes more prepared to act when and if a moment that calls for heroism arises -- a moment to act when most others are passive. — Matt Landon, et al. Is Lei Feng (雷锋) Still a Modern Hero?: A Consideration of Heroic Action in the Context of Culture 
There is a hero in your area. 
It could be you. 

 Feed Your Heroic Imagination  
The Hero Construction Company  Matt Langdon is the founder of The Hero Construction Company. He writes for an adult audience at The Hero Handbook, on how to become a hero and change the world. He curates The Gallery of Heroes — the internet’s best list of heroes.  Matt has been working with the idea of heroes to create positive change in kids and adults alike with one of the most well known names in psychology, Dr. Phil Zimbardo – Professor Emeritus at Stanford University. His work has been featured in Dr. Zimbardo’s TED talks on heroism. (The Heroic Imagination Project)
Giraffe Heroes Project  is a national nonprofit that since 1984 has been honoring the risk-takers, people who are largely unknown, people who have the courage to stick their necks out for the common good, in the US and around the world.

The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes, founded by author T. A. Barron in honor of his mother, celebrates outstanding young leaders. Each year the Barron Prize honors 25 inspiring young people who have made a significant positive difference to people and our planet.
Giving Voice to Values: How to SpeakYour Mind when You Know What's Right by Mary C. Gentile Publisher: Yale University Press ISBN-13: 978-0300161182.  Review: By CSRwire Contributing Writer Elaine Cohen   ...Truly embedding a culture of ethics which compels every individual to take personal responsibility and act ethically in every situation is what makes it all work. This book offers practical advice on how to "build the muscles" to speak and act, plan "voicing values," "craft scripts" and generally be prepared for a range of situations in which bold action is required. As the author says, "It is not about deciding what the right thing to do is, but rather about how to get it done."  For more information about this book, please visit

The Gift of Fear By Gavin De Becker. Learn how to act on your internal survival signals to protect yourself from violence, abuse and the hazards and threats imposed by others.  Although written for potential victims of stalking and violence, it is useful and empowering information for anyone who perceives a threat in a situation that others do not acknowledge or validate.   

November 20, 2015

Pipeline Safety Trust Executive Director honored at the White House as a Champion of Change!

Carl Weimer, the Trust Executive Director, was recognized on Tuesday, Oct 13, 2015 at the White House as one of 11 individuals from across the country as "White House Transportation Champions of Change."

Comments at Annual Pipeline Safety Trust Conference 

November 19, 2015:  Marie Therese Dominguez, Administrator, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) at the Annual Pipeline Safety Trust Conference
 "The ceremony honored individuals who are innovating in transportation and growing the American economy.  And this year Carl Weimer was one of the outstanding Americans recognized as a champion for change in transportation.  So Carl as you know is an innovative leader who's worked with community and industry groups to improve pipeline safety and successfully advocate for stronger pipeline safety regulations at the local, state and federal level.   So Carl, thank you very much for your leadership and again congratulations on receiving the White House champion for Change in Transportation Award."
November 20, 2015: Jonathan Peress, Environmental Defense Fund
"I very much want to express gratitude both to Rebecca, Carl and the Pipeline Safety Trust...For a small shop of three people, not only is their profile very large, but their impact is very large."
Pipeline Safety Trust Logo
Carl Weimer, Executive  Director, Pipeline  Safety Trust, Ferndale, Washington. Mr. Carl Weimer is Executive Director of the national Pipeline  Safety Trust. Under his leadership, the Trust has worked with community and industry groups alike to improve pipeline safety, testified  to Congress more than 20 times, and successfully advocated for stronger pipeline safety regulations at the local, state and federal level. 

November 13, 2015

Nominate your 2016 Hero
Attention:  Science educators, STEM advocates, professionals in a public health, school health, environmental health, facilities management, IAQ, IPM, health and safety, lab safety, school security, emergency and risk management, asthma educators, first responders, school administrators, nurses, advocates, parents and students.

Do you know someone whose sense of responsibility, inspirational leadership, and exemplary persistence and courage protects children from school hazards and unhealthy school conditions?

Send your hero's story, name, and email/phone # by January 10 to

The annual Healthy Kids Hero Award was created as an annual opportunity to tell the story of the 1937 Texas School Explosion and to inspire leadership to protect children from chemical hazards and unhealthy conditions in today's schools.

Read more:
Who Is Your 2016 Hero? 
Lessons of the 1937 Texas School Explosion
Heroes 2004 - 2015

November 10, 2015

A dodgy diversion around the gas meter - 2015
THE owner of two posh seaside restaurants has been jailed after stealing nearly £150,000 worth of gas - over 20 years.  Martin Billingsley, 61, got away with helping himself to the gas which he used to run his popular establishments. But justice finally caught up with Billingsley and he appeared in court to plead guilty to repeatedly tampering with gas pipes to bypass meters - risking an explosion and endangering lives. Read More: Cornish restaurant owner jailed after stealing gas for more than 20 years by Plymouth Herald November 11, 2015

Bootleg hookups - 2015
NYC blast probe highlights problem of stealing gas
It was a run-of-the-mill complaint - a smell of gas - with a troubling explanation: Someone had improperly tapped into a Manhattan building's gas line, and it was leaking.

Bootleg hookups -1937 New London, TX 

To save money the school board substituted a gas system for the steam system. They had ignored the architects' warnings that the building had not been designed to vent gas fumes. Then, the school board decided to hook-up to a free residue gas line while school and oil company officials agreed to look the other way.

Even though the gas had no odor, there were reports that students had headaches and burning eyes from gas fumes in their classrooms. One account describes students sitting in a classroom with jackets on and windows open to vent the fumes.

On March 18, thirteen minutes before school dismissal, a shop teacher flipped a switch to turn on a power sander and a spark set off a gas explosion killing more than 300 students, teachers and visitors.

The official Court of Inquiry acknowledged a series of design, building and operations problems, and unheeded warnings, yet named no one responsible. They concluded that school officials were just "average individuals, ignorant or indifferent to the need for precautionary measures, where they cannot, in their lack of knowledge, visualize a danger or a hazard." (Court of Inquiry, 1937.)

The disaster resulted in a law that required adding a warning odor to natural gas, thus saving millions of lives all over the world.