October 13, 2011

Dallas schools consider update of emergency plan By Elizabeth Skrapits (Staff Writer),Published: October 13, 2011

Evacuation by bus to another site may not be practical if it's a large gas fire, like San Bruno or Edison NJ. The thermal flux (radiant heat) could be enough to panic children, even if there's been evacuation drills before. It sounds like very poor siting of the schools or pipelines was done here.....

More:   http://citizensvoice.com/news/dallas-schools-consider-update-of-emergency-plan-1.1217251#axzz1aeKDeuVT

...... Jacobs said she felt the school board had dropped the ball on the subject, and was glad she could make a valid point which its members understood.

"They just want to ignore the thing over there, and everybody's going to hold their breath for the next 50 years and hope there's not a problem," she said.