April 11, 2012

National Healthy Schools Day April 24

Natl Healthy Schools DayCelebrate and promote healthy, green indoor school environments for all children and staff. For more than 10 years, parents, school personnel, advocates and agencies have held National Healthy Schools Day activities nationwide to highlight the importance of clean indoor air in schools. 

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"School can be a disabling environment for far too many students and teachers. When administrators create or ignore unsafe conditions such as mold, chemical hazards or inadequate ventilation, it is an acute threat and a cumulative disadvantage for students that wastes millions of our education and health care dollars. We can protect children's education and health security by working for "safe child" standards in all activities in and around the school, especially during renovation and maintenance.  Parents, educators, health professionals and policy makers owe it to children to eliminate environmental hazards that are a source of preventable illness and disability." Healthy Schools Day 2012,  Ellie Goldberg, M.Ed. www.healthy-kids.info