April 07, 2015

Healthy Schools Day April 7, 2015.  

Parents can't take it for granted that schools are the healthy places and safe havens we expect them to be. Too many schools, old and new, create or ignore poor ventilation, bad sanitation, and many health and safety code violations. For example, the US EPA estimates that nearly 33,000 middle and high schools have outdated or improperly stored explosives and other hazardous chemicals in maintenance closets, labs and classrooms. It takes enormous courage, persistence and creativity to overcome the status quo of indifference or limited resources.

Healthy Schools Day reminds us to support the leaders and join the partnerships working to protect children from unhealthy and hazardous school conditions. 

Read about Healthy Kids Heroes at Heroes 2004 - 2015 (http://tinyurl.com/TX1937Hero).
Healthy Kids Hero 2015