October 19, 2012

Open Source Training Makes Labs Safer for All

In the summer of 2012, BioRAFT teamed with the New Hampshire IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (NH-INBRE), a collaborative network of 10 two- and four-year colleges within the state, and Dartmouth College Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) to launch LabSafetyWorkspace.org. This online laboratory safety training program provides student scientists and faculty with the knowledge they need to work safely in a lab setting. While launched for New Hampshire-based undergraduate colleges and universities, LabSafetyWorkspace.org is open to scientists worldwide to take introductory safety training courses.
 Occupational Health and Safety Exit NIEHS Website [Author: Nathan Watson]
Thomas Edison's Lab, Greenfield Village, Michigan (E. Goldberg, 2005)