January 19, 2013

Planning Guide for Maintaining School Facilities

Planning Guide for Maintaining School Facilities
The National Center for Education Statistics, the National Forum on Education Statistics, and the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO®) are pleased to provide this Planning Guide to education administrators, facilities staff, community members, and other individuals who are interested in the responsible management of our nation's school facilities. We believe that investing in the proper maintenance of school facilities is both a sound business and wise pedagogical decision. Download PDF File 

Chapter 1    Introduction to School Facilities Maintenance Planning     

Chapter 2    Planning for School Facilities Maintenance                 

Chapter 3   Facility Audits: Knowing What You Have          

Chapter 4  Providing a Safe Environment for Learning      

Chapter 5  Maintaining School Facilities and Grounds      

Chapter 6  Effectively Managing Staff and Contractors  

Chapter 7  Evaluating Facilities Maintenance Efforts