January 25, 2015

Set aside a special day  
...let us suggest the legislature of Texas set aside a special day each year to be observed as a memorial day on which tribute will be paid to the children and teachers who died in this catastrophe...and to make laws of safety... Our daddies and mothers, as well as the teachers, want to know that when we leave our homes in the morning to go to school, that we will come out safe when our lessons are over.“ Read the complete speech by Carolyn Jones Frei, March 25, 1937 to the Texas Legislature after the 1937 March 18 Texas School Explosion.

Let’s make March 18 an annual day to Bring the Lessons of 1937 to Your School.  Tell the story of the 1937 TX School Explosion, study its lessons, and celebrate the leadership and partnerships that can save lives. Update your school's values and technical skills to live safely with 21st century chemicals and technology. Read about inspiring heroes at http://tinyurl.com/HealthyKidsHeroes2015.  

As a result of the New London tragedy, the 45th TX Legislature enacted House Bill 1017 which amended Article 6053, Texas Revised Civil Statutes, 1925, giving the Railroad Commission the authority to adopt rules and regulations pertaining to the odorization of natural gas or liquefied petroleum gases. On July 27, 1937, Gas Utilities Docket 122 was adopted and the Commission began enforcement of odorization requirements for natural gas.
"My sister Helen Jones, an honor student and member of the high school champion debate team, was not so fortunate. She and my uncle, Paul Grier, a senior who planned to study medicine, were both taken from us in this awful explosion that killed so many of the future generation of East Texas."-- Carolyn Jones Frei, 1937