February 12, 2014

Marcellus Outreach Butler: Gas Well Fire Demonstrates Need For School Setback
Marcellus Outreach Butler (www.marcellusoutreachbutler.org/) Wednesday called for natural gas drilling and gas related infrastructure to be kept at least one mile away from schools.

The gas well explosion and fire that began February 11 near Dunkard, Greene County, which injured one worker and left another missing, feared dead, prompted the State Police to set a half-mile perimeter around the burning well.  

The fire couldn’t be approached closer than 300 yards due to its intensity, yet in Butler County a well exists approximately 300 yards from Summit Elementary School.  A well will be about 1,900 feet from Connoquenessing Elementary School and a well is planned close to Moraine Elementary School.  The school districts to which these schools belong themselves have either leased or are considering leasing and they are not the only school districts that throw caution away to shore up their budgets with gas industry money. What are the risks? 

Resources for schools and communities:

Smalley Foundation  The Smalley Foundation is committed to increasing safety and awareness for those who live, work and play near oil-and-gas equipment and pipelines. We do this by empowering the general public, training first responders and partnering with the industry. www.smalleyfnd.org