December 24, 2014

Tell their story. Tell your story.
 ...let us suggest the legislature of Texas set aside a special day each year to be observed as a memorial day on which tribute will be paid to the children and teachers who died in this catastrophe...and to make laws of safety... Our daddies and mothers, as well as the teachers, want to know that when we leave our homes in the morning to go to school, that we will come out safe when our lessons are over.  
Click here to find the complete transcript of 9-year-old fifth grader Carolyn Jones' speech to the Texas Legislature.  Read it out loud in your classroom or at a school event.
Every year to mark the anniversary of the March 18, 1937 Texas School Explosion, I salute heroes whose extraordinary sense of responsibility and leadership is dedicated to protecting students and staff from chemical hazards and unhealthy school conditions.
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