March 04, 2010

Be Proud to be Proactive. Update your chemical inventory.

Commit to building the school and community partnerships that put a high priority on chemical clean outs and other precautionary steps.  

Many states have created resources to help schools do chemical clean-outs and to provide staff training because of accidents such as mercury spills and lab injuries. They can be allies and partners for school safety.  See US EPA Safe Chemical Management in Schools.

Does your school have a chemical inventory?
Hazardous chemicals are used in every school in both maintenance and the curriculum.  A chemical inventory lists the hazardous chemicals in science classes, labs, storerooms, art classes (such as photography, jewelry, painting and ceramics), in vocational shops (such as auto body, auto repair and printing), and in facility operations such as cleaning, painting, turf maintenance and pest control.

Why do a chemical inventory in your school?
  • It avoids waste, reduces hazards and saves money on inventory duplication.
  • It saves time searching for non-inventoried chemicals.
  • You avoid accumulating products that cost time and money for expensive hazardous waste disposal.
  • It makes sure that hazards are accounted for.  
  • The wise use of chemicals (purchasing, storage, labeling, and disposal) reduces injuries and prevents costly property damage.
  • It sets a high standard everyone can trust for health security and safety. 
  • It prevents explosions, chemical spills, fires, and poisoning.